New Style, the Parker, Just Dropped!



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Parker Scott Toney.

Putting the words on paper to describe your brother is a much harder thing to do than I realized. I guess this is good practice for my speech at his wedding one day - though I’ll have to save my really good stories for that moment.

He was my future business partner when we dreamed of starting a Toney Brothers pizza restaurant. 

He was my right hand when we were running through the woods playing our dual roles as Indiana Jones.

Yes, he was the thorn in my side when I was trying to be a cool freshman in high school. 

He was the best moment of my Junior year when he decided to attend Clemson with me.

And things went full circle when he was the too cool freshman in college with a lame older brother.

He gave an almost perfect speech at my wedding. That's a great story for another day.

And while our relationship can fit the many cliches that come with brotherhood, Parker is anything but cliche. 

With a love for mountains to seas, this hat was a perfect name bearer for my brother. 

Parker, I love you bro!


Details include:

  • 100% Ripstop Cotton
  • Black Nylon Adjustable Fastening with Plastic Buckle
  • Embroidered Tonal Grommets
  • Mountain to Sea Screenprinted front artwork on canvas label
  • Floppy 6 Panel Construction
  • Elastic Headband
  • Red Bill Cord 

This hat fits most. This cap it designed to have a more shallow depth and should fit most people that have normal to small sized heads. It is also a great fit for you if you like more a shallow fit, or generally have issues with caps being too deep. The depth of this cap is comparable to what is generally known as a “low-crown” fit.